Thursday, February 9, 2012

Springtime Inspired

So much for blogging more! Wow. I'm really failing at this. Things have been crazy busy. It's not that I haven't been writing... I have! They're just papers and e-mails. I mean I suppose I could just copy and paste snippets from these essay's I've been writing, but somehow that feels like cheating.

Anyway, Don Quixote went off splendidly! Lots of energy, lots of clapping. Lots of costume changes and wigs. Yes... I did say wigs. If you haven't bought your tickets for this incredible production do it! They're selling out fast, but I hear the matinee shows still have some decent seats available.

But dancing, and Don Q are not what this blog post was going to be about. In fact, it wasn't really going to be about anything much other than springtime inspiration. I had the past Monday and Tuesday off after our first weekend of shows. My weekend was really the week-beginning. And what a beautiful beginning it was! 66˚F and I'm ready for spring! Bring it on!! Too bad we're still in the middle of winter. But a girl can still dream.

So here's what springtime inspired in me... Hope they inspire you to sunnier days, at the very least some sunshine on the inside.

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